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 Michael Taylor's Raw Milk Testimony:

From birth until becoming mostly vegan at 21 years old, I had a body struggling under the weight of toxic popular industrialized food. I had hard to move bowels with stinky bowel movements, a 3 to 5 day per week headache, a 6 to 9 month sinus, bronchial and ear infections. I was diagnosed with pneumonia 2 times in high school, but I think that I just hid it better on the other two years. I hated to take medicines and go to the doctors, but I didn't know why I was constantly afflicted with the tenacious mucus problems. I ate a lot, worked out a lot, looked good, and felt frustratedly ill.

Then, at age 21 I learned a new lifestyle of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. All of my health challenges were resolved. I avoided dairy, breads, all processed foods and experienced a “healing crisis” response when I did eat those low quality foods. After 18 years I finally was convinced that I was malnourished, suffering from low fat and protein. After attending a seminar on the foods of pre-industrial people and learning of the predominance of raw milk in the diets of these people, I added raw milk into my diet.

My experience lead me to believe that eating dairy of any type would directly cause me illness. I did not distinguish between factory farmed cows and healthy pastured cows and raw milk that was not homogenized. Even so, I was very concerned about having a return of my mucus and ear problems. In just 2 months, I put on 20 lbs of needed body weight. Having been a frustrated high school body builder, I was amazed at the muscle mass increase. The only problems I had with raw milk was gas with more than 8 oz of raw, sweet milk. So, I began to allow the natural bacteria to ferment (or sour) the sweet milk to make curds and whey or just made yogurt to reduce the lactose. I felt better, satiated after consuming this milk. I have had no problems from this experience, even though I had, as a vegan, previously experienced the bacterial imbalance referred to as “food poisoning”, on four different occasions.

I allow the bacteria of the raw milk to express itself. It makes sense that the bacteria associated with illness would be killed or changed because of the acidification of the milk through the dominant Lactobacillus Acidophilus bacteria growth. This is one of the safest processing of raw milk, assuring that the bacterial content is safe for consumption, another is to inoculate one's own intestinal tract with the microbes in healthy raw milk. My corrected understanding about raw milk has now earned raw milk a steady place in my healthy diet.


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