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Shirley R in response to a vegan who is encouraging other vegans to not sign this petition says:  
Essentially what this vegan is saying is that for people who choose to use dairy, he wants to make sure that the only dairy left available is from CAFOs, factory raised cows, who live short lives of abuse and misery.  It’s already impossible to get raw almonds in the US.  They all have to be irradiated to ‘protect’ us.  There is now talk about irradiating spinach.  What’s next?  We have to draw a line.  The government is not to interfere with our food supply.  Vegans may think this is an issue that they don’t need to be concerned about.  But remember what was said of the Nazis by the German pastor, Niemöller, who was eventually imprisoned in a concentration camp:


First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a communist;
Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a socialist;
Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a trade unionist;
Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out--
because I was not a Jew;
Then they came for me--
and there was no one left to speak out for me.


The Food Fascist must be stopped!




Terry V. of Clermont County, OH says: I'm very upset that the government, even if it thought it had good intentions at the beginning, has forced everyday americans to only be allowed to buy absolute JUNK in our supermarkets and convinience stores when it comes to dairy products.

Stephanie G. of Lawrence County, OH says:  Government, 

Stop regulating everything! You work for us! Quit trying to push your Socialist agenda down our throats. I WILL vote accordingly!!!

James M. of Cook County, IL says:  Freedom to choose the foods that you buy, grow or raise for the purpose of nourishing your body without unwarranted government interference!!!  This is an amendment that needs to be added to the U.S. constitution. If the Founding Fathers could have foreseen a future America where government authorities raided small, independent farms because the farmers were selling raw milk that they raised directly to citizens who were actively seeking out this kind of nourishment, I am certain that this amendment would have been added to the Bill of Rights at the time that the Founding Fathers were creating it. After all, this country was founded on the principles of: personal rights for the individual, together with, restrictions on government activities. The Founding Fathers saw the obvious need to protect the people from a government gone awry. The government interfering with a farmer selling raw milk to his neighbor is clearly a tragic example of a government gone awry! 
                                             Jim Marlowe

Mary R. of Hamilton County, OH says:  It's unbelievable to me how the government thinks they can decide what is best for our health when everything that has been done to hurt the small farmer is also hurting this country's health.  Look at the statistics of diabetes, heart disease, cancer etc. and the millions of dollars that are spend on research for these causes, when a tenth of this money could go to education about the facts of what is really healthy and not what the pharmaceutical companies and AMA want us to believe.  Give the people some real nutrients from plants, rich soils and grain fed beef and raw milk and we could clear out hospitals.

Sharon S. of Butler County, OH says:  Raw milk, raw natural fruits and vegetables are what God created for food.  These are pure and unadulterated.  What we buy in grocery stores that is pasteurized and processed is not really food - they are 'dead' items and do not bring health. 

I started consuming raw milk and organic foods on the advice of a doctor 14 years ago for a major health problem.  Since that original time, 3 doctors have told me to drink raw milk.

I buy as much real, raw and organic foods from farms and farmers markets that I can because I know I am buying healthy and local food that is free from chemicals and pesticides, growth hormones and GMOs.  I have the right to buy real food and feed it to my family - that is a GOD-GIVEN right.  

No government agency or big corporation has the right to tell me that I cannot buy and eat real food.  Nor do they have the right to tell me that I have to eat ""fake"" commercialized food.

My rights and my health are my business and they supercede corporation and big business'  greed.

This is a free country and I have the right to eat what I want to.  

Roger B of Warren County, OH says:  
I believe We need to to get back to raw milk beef and chicken with no drugs or hormones more natural treatments for illness truth in labeling all things that we eat or put on our bodies and expose the lying big business farm inc that want anything they can do just to make a few more dollars not caring who they hurt with their garbage that they call food!It is going to take more people getting involved and voting with their dollars at the grocery.

Patricia W of Clermont County, OH says:  My most frequently occurring thought is FRUSTRATION!!  I can't understand why with all of the destructive, illegal activities taking place around us, that goverment officials would spend time raiding and shutting down the small farms that provide these wonderful foods.

Carol F. of Butler County, OH says: Farmers should have the right to sell Raw Milk and consumers should have the right to purchase it.

D. V. of Butler County, OH says:  It's very sad that in this free country a man who works 16 hours a day ro run a farm has to deal with so many politics in order to be legal. Such hardworking americans should not have to focus their times on such things.  They should also be able to make a decent living and in this modern day that's not a reality. It breaks my heart to see.

Shirley R. of Hamilton County, OH says:  My interest is health & healing.  Real food is the only way this can be accomplished.  Fake food grown on factory farms and having the life processed out of it kills people.  Maybe not immediately, but over the years chronic disease developes and each generation gets weaker. No one has the right to tell me what I can eat or not eat.  I see little difference between the Republicans and Democarats.  We don't have capitalism or socialism.  We have corporatism with both parties being in bed with the large corporation, including the corporate farms which are killing us.

Tatiana C. of Hamilton County, OH says:  I want local small organic farms

Jinja C. of Hamilton County, OH says: In this age of corporation's dominant power, any small farmer is no exception to make or to own their livelihood as an individual. Our lives would be more vivrant and enriched when a small farmer or a small business owner florish in this age.

Kim T. of West Chester, OH says:  Freedoms are being lost in so many areas for US citizen, this area of being able to choose the kind of foods to partake of should not be within the control of a state or federal goverment.  I think the goverment beleives that they need to protect us from ourselves and make everyone live the by same set of rules for all. But this short sighted view is a form of control that is unhealthy and costly. Farmers should have the freedom to sell thier products to groups or individuals as they see fit without heavy handed govement regualtions. I seek more natural foods, and i see this desire increaing in many of the population of the US. Create a means whereby folks like me can purchase these whole foods without fighting goverment regulations.

and about undue force such as SWAT teams raids over food issues: But, I am concerned about this practice, I think that it is a waste of my tax dollars, I will be politically active with respect to this practice, It is a violation of my basic human rights to make contracts

You are free to "Vote in" huge corporations to control your food supply,
you do when you buy from them...

Bonnie R. of Grant County, KY says: Raw milk and fresh organic foods are better for you than anything else. People tell us its not good for and will make us sick have no idea what they are saying. It didn't hurt me when I was growing up, it didn't hurt my children when they were growing up, but nowadays it hurts us what is up with that? It is all the chemicals that is put in foods nowadays that hurt us. Milk does not taste the way milk is supposed to when they so called pasteurized it, to me it no longer has good flavor so I DON"T drink it. I would like to find some REAL Milk.


Curt H. of Kenton County, KY says:  Agriculture is the backbone of any nation or civilization.  To control it in the form of cartels or monopolies is to control people's lives.  To avoid total serfdom and the hellish feudal empire of disease and disgust a sustainable diversified local food supply is crucial to everyone on the planet.     

I have found frauds at farmer's markets - so caveat emptor? 
Yet there are frauds with organic labels and factory farmed goods are evil...

Abby M. of Delaware says:  With all the toxic stuff that is legal to sell and consume in this country, it is ridiculous that buying raw milk is so hindered. Sure, it is fine for a disclaimer that informs the consumer of any risks (like cigarettes, otc drugs, etc) but come on! 
Do you know a source of good statistics for any real problems that arise from consumption of raw milk?

Putting all your eggs in one basket is never sound investment advice, so why are we doing that with our food supply?


 Michael Taylor's Raw Milk Testimony:

From birth until becoming mostly vegan at 21 years old, I had a body struggling under the weight of toxic popular industrialized food. I had hard to move bowels with stinky bowel movements, a 3 to 5 day per week headache, a 6 to 9 month sinus, bronchial and ear infections. I was diagnosed with pneumonia 2 times in high school, but I think that I just hid it better on the other two years. I hated to take medicines and go to the doctors, but I didn't know why I was constantly afflicted with the tenacious mucus problems. I ate a lot, worked out a lot, looked good, and felt frustratedly ill.

Then, at age 21 I learned a new lifestyle of eating fresh fruits and vegetables. All of my health challenges were resolved. I avoided dairy, breads, all processed foods and experienced a “healing crisis” response when I did eat those low quality foods. After 18 years I finally was convinced that I was malnourished, suffering from low fat and protein. After attending a seminar on the foods of pre-industrial people and learning of the predominance of raw milk in the diets of these people, I added raw milk into my diet.

My experience lead me to believe that eating dairy of any type would directly cause me illness. I did not distinguish between factory farmed cows and healthy pastured cows and raw milk that was not homogenized. Even so, I was very concerned about having a return of my mucus and ear problems. In just 2 months, I put on 20 lbs of needed body weight. Having been a frustrated high school body builder, I was amazed at the muscle mass increase. The only problems I had with raw milk was gas with more than 8 oz of raw, sweet milk. So, I began to allow the natural bacteria to ferment (or sour) the sweet milk to make curds and whey or just made yogurt to reduce the lactose. I felt better, satiated after consuming this milk. I have had no problems from this experience, even though I had, as a vegan, previously experienced the bacterial imbalance referred to as “food poisoning”, on four different occasions.

I allow the bacteria of the raw milk to express itself. It makes sense that the bacteria associated with illness would be killed or changed because of the acidification of the milk through the dominant Lactobacillus Acidophilus bacteria growth. This is one of the safest processing of raw milk, assuring that the bacterial content is safe for consumption, another is to inoculate one's own intestinal tract with the microbes in healthy raw milk. My corrected understanding about raw milk has now earned raw milk a steady place in my healthy diet.

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