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As a public servant will you commit to:

  1. REMOVE the state restrictions over citizen's right to obtain, produce, sell and transport raw dairy? and

  2. STOP government from restricting the rights of small-scale, diversified farmers to conduct business privately with individuals.  

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More Information/Here's Why we are concerned:

We don't want any more SWAT teams going to our local farmer who is accused of selling raw milk.  This has happened with two Ohio raw milk groups I have been part of since 2006.  We did not have the great media coverage as the video above, but the government's heavy-handed shut-down is the same, with the same unjust intrusion into our rights to privately contract for food with a private farmer.  Government wants to tell us that we can not exercise this fundamental human right to choose one's food.  This is a ridiculous use of force and terror.  Other Ohio families have suffered great terror when the SWAT team of the local sheriff, looking & acting like bandits, swarmed in like a drug-bust we see on TV.  Terroristic shouting with guns drawn is NOT the way to enter and "subdue" an already subdued home-schooling, non-violent home with 8 children under 10 years old.  It is actions like these that weaken the integrity of our police forces and motivate good officers to leave.  These actions destabilize our communities & country. 

This unjust government harassment is used to compel small-scale, diversified farmers to comply with regulations designed for problems unique to large-scale agricultural operations.  It has been created over years of staffing government with people who are compliant with power brokers.  All involved have lost the conviction of freedom that sets the United States of America apart from other countries. We want our political leaders to see the unfair system and disassemble it.  Subsidies are part of it. Commodity markets are part of it. This strips wealth and responsibility from the little guy.

This is one area of agriculture that is key to the survival small-scale, diversified farm. Government has complied to the demands and suggestions of Big Ag when making policies, rules, regulations, and laws. Through these government connections, Big Ag has made it near impossible for the little guy to compete. The little guy has been elbowed off the market and his farm has been bought for pennies on the dollar, or has been a drain on the family finances. This restriction of small-scale diversified farming is a result of the high cost of meeting regulations that are inappropriate for the business model and practices of the small-scale, diversified farm. 

The small-scale, diversified farms to which I refer are those that produce the foods I eat: vegetables and fruits, raw dairy products and meats from pastured cows, goats, and sheep as well as eggs and meat from pastured poultry and fowl.  I don't believe that factory farms can fairly compete with my kind of small-scale, diversified farms.  Perhaps competition is why they help to set up treacherous consequences to a small-scale farmer bucking their Big Ag system by offering nutrient dense foods to people directly and personally.

Big Ag

Our people don't use most of the Big Ag products, procedures, or agricultural concepts. We are restorative in our practices, building the soil and environment to a more pristine, vibrant, and healthy place than when we started farming a site. Neighborhoods work well with our methods because there are no noxious choking odors and noises, concerns about toxic chemicals affecting the health of neighbors or farmers, large machines frequently blocking roads, etc. Neighbors are not tramped by lowered land values, into living next to a toxic, smelly, polluting Big Ag model (so-called) farm.

Our political past in Ohio regarding agriculture has made it more difficult for a farmer to connect directly with the consumer. Through decades of Republican leadership, we have actually decreased freedom! We have increased the socialization policies from the 1970's, adhering to the mantra “Get Big or Get Out!" that the Sec. of Ag., Earl Butz repeated as he traversed the country admonishing & exhorting farmers.

Factory Farming is a Lie and Secret

The family farm is morphing into factory farms called “Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations” (CAFO's) which produce beef, pork, chicken, turkeys, eggs, milk and more; that are inferior products, lacking in nutrients, perpetuating diseases and illnesses. CAFO's don't want visitors, saying that they are afraid of biological contamination! This is ASTOUNDING! Healthy ecosystems are VERY DIVERSE.  They have many kinds of microbes and we are learning that this is key to the BALANCE of LIFE! But, perhaps CAFO's really like this anonymity to hid the dreadful conditions suffered by most animals in this system.  More than 90% of our food comes from CAFO's.  These CAFO products are cheaper because subsidies hide the higher costs of this kind of pseudo-food production. It is fake food, because it mostly looks like food, but the nutrients are missing. This is true for milk, meats, and conventional plant crops. This dominant driving force in our food market place is being exposed, but not in the next video below. It is great when CAFO owners like Ryan join our ranks to Restorative Agriculture practices to produce Nutrient Dense Foods!

Likely one of the best factory farms in Ohio, Ryan does not mention the subsidies that support this system, nor show us the manure that must be handled instead of dropping directly on the pasture of a rotational grazing system. He does not mention what he likely does not know: the compromised fat quality, the fewer nutrients in the meat, the beneficial effects on the land of a rooting hog, and more from the animals not being allowed to carry out their natural role on the farm. But, he should have the right to do any agricultural system which is not cruel, and he should pay the full price of the inputs and environmental impacts.  And we who don't want to do that should have the level playing field and full realization for the cost of food production in the cost of the product when the consumer buys it.  Otherwise, as it now is, it is a lie.  A lie nutritionally, a lie environmentally, a lie economically, a lie socially, a lie in the air. Do you smell it...

The proponents of CAFOs claim that this is cheap food, yet they don't include the total costs of the subsidized feed, the damaged environment, reduced water resources, and our compromised health. These costs are immeasurable, definitely more than the nutrient dense products which are sustainably produced through Restorative Agriculture. And, sadly the manager of a CAFO is not trained to be a farmer in the sense of knowing how to manage pasture and animals for the elimination of sicknesses and the superior nutrient density of products produced. Restorative Agriculturalists don't rely upon drugs, antibiotics, and harmful, toxic treatments to mitigate diseases and pests. Rather, they look to what imbalances these problems are indicating, and find ecosystems to meet the need revealed. This is where our educational system could be very powerful in discovery of more information about farming restoratively!

Living Milk is for Those Who Want Life & Health

Living milk, for example, will have a host of nutrients that cause the milk from grassfed cows to have an orange tint because of the whole, complete nutrients like carotenoids from the grasses, whereas the nutrient-less milk cows on the standard disease inducing, subsidized grain-based diet of most dairy cows is closer to white. This white milk is unnatural and nutrient deficient, yet most Americans have no other point of reference, so they think that this is normal. The animals in this system are so sick that they last less than 25% of the production cycle of healthy, grassfed cows. Most Americans are frogs in the pot on the way to boiling. I joined others who have jumped out of the pot. Don't try to put us back in that pot of that chronic degenerative disease producing, nutrient deficient, environment-destroying, CAFO produced, sick food!

I have joined thousands of other Ohioans in connecting directly with farmers who will practice farming methods that enhance their products with nutrients from natural diets. Our interest is to orchestrate ecological systems to work together to produce the best foods possible. These methods enhance the soil, building the soil quality and recognizing that the soil and sun are what we are eating—we don't want artificial or unbalancing chemicals added in no matter what the reason—weed control, parasite control, insect control, fertilizer, etc. We are learning to use complimentary appropriate ecological systems to accomplish these goals, within a new paradigm of farming, a Restorative Agriculture system. This system leaves the soil MORE productive and vital and nutrient rich than when it was started.  Land owners love the increased beauty, productivity, and begin to see how we may feed the world in a way that will reduce diseases. Please vote with your dollars for this system, buy from your local, small-scale, diverse farms.

Let's learn something about farming, markets, 

health and wealth from the recent Iowa's Secretary of Agriculture race:


Eat the hay, spit out the sticks. 

What he says here is agreeable, but making government bigger to do it is simply not the way. 

Bigger government and bigger business have the same problem:  

Concentrating too much power in the hands of too few people.

The Large companies love to make special close alliances (that big money allows) with politicians to produce rules, policies, regulations, and laws that limit, restrict funds, generate fines, and imprison small-scale, non-toxic, non-smelly, environment enhancing, restorative agriculturalists (the real farmers). Politicians and regulators work with Big Business because they will have good job possibilities if they handle special requests in a favorable way. Typical taxpayers are astonished at the loss of freedom and the use of SWAT teams to chase down farmers expressing their freedom to farm. We are taking back our rights previously surrendered by these behind-the-scenes tactics of stealth that corporations have used when “working” the people's representatives.

Restorative Agriculture Jobs & Friendly Farming

More jobs are created, with more freedom as the restrictions from free association and free commerce are lifted. Many land owners are making arrangements with farmers practicing Restorative Agriculture to produce locally grown food sold to local people. Regulation is best when handled by an informed consumer, a trusted farmer and a strong relationship of integrity and trust between the two. Government regulation is sloppy, unforgiving, hard to change when wrong, and a huge nuisance to everyone, including the responsible citizen.  Knowing, trusting & being familiar with your local farmer is void of those problems of the central control of government.

When a person loses their job or means of producing revenue, they can suffer great concern about their future, their worth, their ability to make their life better. A self-employed person or someone who works for a business of less than 10-20 workers has more ability to control their future in many ways. By doing a great job, especially in a food related business, allows a person income security (job security) with government there to meet out a proper consequence of harmful actions.  These kinds of jobs increase wealth in the local community. Studies have shown that when you spend money in the local community, it stays in the community 8.5 times longer than buying things from those outside the community, like most corporations.  This economy spreads the wealth among the people doing the work, not concentrating it into the hands of a few elite power brokers. Self-employed people are, by necessity, more aware of and concerned about their futures and those who vie for power over them. Thus, political decisions, by internal design are more just and equitable. Conversely, our current state of economy and employment leads us to apathy and distraction while those who want power over us lead us to more bondage. These folks tell us that they will be for or against our favorite issues like abortion, sexuality, etc. to get our votes, but we don't see how they strip our very freedom from us, by the transfer (stealing) of wealth, natural rights and privilege.

For most of our population, the current food system has totally erased this redeeming practice of relationship between farmer and consumer. As consumers, we all can vote with our dollars for or against local farmers producing the best of food and economy, or against it by our purchase of brand-name items from huge corporations. Yet, as one holding political office, YOU can level the playing ground and let the market forces turn the tide to a healthier, more prosperous food system where consumers and farmers prosper from their mutual association. For my part, I will inform the voters of your actions. Our educated voter body who cares about food rights and quality is growing and becoming a more powerful political force. WE will not be swayed by lies and empty promises. The ads you can run with large contributions loose their effect with an educated voter, so put contributions and promises that will be made to you in effect and stand up for what is RIGHT, what is TRUE, what is HEALING, what is GOOD--for FREEDOM!!!

Many of the same things that are happening in Iowa are happening in Ohio and other states. The best solutions are a smaller government and direct connections with community farms, directly responsible to their consumers. Let's elect people who are for individual liberty to replace corporate servitude! Check out the loser in the IA state Ag secretary race, but listen to the winning ideas: 


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